Come celebrate APA Heritage Month with Flushing Town Hall as they present a brand new production, “Crazy Talented Asians & Friends.” Their curated, animation short films will wow you with the animators’ creative digital art and storytelling talents. Roll on the floor laughing as their comedians share their authentic experiences live.

Each program is one hour long, with the Animation Shorts starting at 6:00 PM, and the Live Comedy at 8:30 PM, both on Saturday, May 30th. To watch this live, simply tune into the Flushing Town Hall Facebook with more details linked here.

The animation shorts were selected from the top 4% of several hundred submissions. They showcase wide-ranging life experiences in masterful art direction, storytelling, animation, production quality, and sound design. These short films movingly tell the story of a mother and son’s struggle to express their love, about two painters battling over space to paint in their own style, about making life choices, on the ever-present stress of urban living, and many other nuanced experiences.

The live comedy hour will be hosted by Otter Lee, featuring hilarious New York City-based comedians and comedy groups, including Dylan Adler, Nadia Iqbal, Michael Cruz Kayne, Srilatha Rajamani, Angel Yau and Overstep Comedy comedians Aarushi Agni, Jatin Chhugani, Jonathan Lu, Christian Luu, Andy Shartzer, Helen Shih, and Migina Tsai.

In partnership with the non-profit Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, which has provided comprehensive primary medical care since 1971 with over 300,000 annual service visits, Overstep Comedy will also perform a sketch on mental health to help de-stigmatize this important topic in Asian American communities, which is even more pressing in this COVID-19 pandemic environment.